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How do I place an order/get cupcakes?

We’re currently a pop-up shop, meaning that we don’t have a permanent storefront-yet, we only have a commercial kitchen space of which we are very proud of! Have no fear, we have a a couple of ways for you to get the goods!

  • ONLINE ORDERING: Order from us by clicking on the “ORDER” page located in the navigation bar. Orders are accepted 72 hours in advance and can be picked up the following Saturday at one of our markets/events or at the Irwin Street Market Tuesday-Sunday. We do have delivery available, that may incur an extra fee. We currently only deliver in Athens & Atlanta.

  • PICK-UP: You can stop by and pick-up your box of sweet Tuesday-Sunday at the Irwin Street Market in Atlanta (right off the Atlanta Beltline). We have our cupcakes in the case for any walk-in purchases :). Flavors change weekly.

$30 minimum for online orders.

Check out our “FIND US” page to see where we’ll be next!

Are you Athens based or Atlanta based?

The short answer is both.

We were created in Athens, but had an opportunity for a commercial kitchen space in Atlanta. This space is allowing us to expand and open up doors for us in the retail world. We are #AthensMade and will still continue to do markets, events and pop-ups there. We are also working on collaborations with different stores in the area so that we can have our product more accessible. If you have a a specific cafe, restaurant or place that you would like to see our product in, then you can help by mentioning it to them! We have wholesale pricing available just for that :)

How do I store my cupcakes?

Can’t eat all of your cupcakes in one day? No problem! We totally understand. To preserve your cupcakes for a few days longer, we recommend placing your cupcakes in an air tight plastic container. Since they are completely vegan, then they can be stored at room temperature in the containers for a 3 day extension of yumminess!

Do you make cakes?

Yes! Our cakes are perfect for showers, birthday parties, and celebrations!

Can I get more than one flavor in a box?

Yes and no.

Yes- if you are ordering at one of our events, markets or pop-ups. You can choose as many flavors as you’d like to go into one box from the available flavors that we have that day. We generally have 3-4 flavors on hand.

No- if you’re ordering online then we have a policy of one flavor per box. We’re still a small company and don’t have a storefront-YET ;). We aren’t able to make less than half a batch for each order outside of our markets. If we only put 1-2 cupcakes in each box, then we end up with leftovers. It’s our goal to have multi-box orders for online purchases one day! Thank you for your patience.

Do you have Gluten Free options?

Yes! After a lot of chemistry and product development, we have created some gluten-free options that we are launching Summer 2019 and they will be available for order! We’re stoked!

Are you hiring?

We aren’t ready to hire quite yet. We are still new (less than a year old), small and in constant transition. We will possibly be looking to hire in 2020.